Artist, Tarot reader and shamanic practitioner Sean Ryan graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1994. 

He began Tarot reading in 1997 and his intuitive readings, using his own oracle cards alongside classic Tarot, have garnered national and international clients (see testimonials).

Sean has studied many spiritual practices, with an in-depth and hands-on knowledge of Druidry and Shamanism, and is a trained sweat lodge practitioner in the Celtic tradition. He also custom makes drums and other medicine tools used for Animistic and Shamanic practices.

As an artist he has exhibited his work under the name ‘eggoftruth’ in several exhibitions including a solo show in London, while his shamanic journey-inspired artwork has appeared in publications such as Magical Times and his painted drums can be seen in Adam X Hearn’s latest book Making Shamanic Drums. One of his most popular works, a piece created for animal charities called Hedgehog and The Moon, recently featured in DruidCast podcast episode 161, alongside the heartrending story of its creation.  

His paintings are available as prints and as originals via private commissions. 

As well as his work as an artist and Tarot reader he currently runs drumming workshops focusing on the Celtic tradition and art workshops which combine expressive, artistic, creative and shamanic practices. 

A thoroughly modern practitioner, he lives between the worlds of ‘ordinary and non-ordinary reality’, dividing his time between Wiltshire and London and between the commercial and the esoteric.